"For a cautionary tale, everybody cites Paul Bradley Carr" - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Garbage Fire Kids

A few years ago, I used to have a feature on this blog called ‘Ideas For Other People.’ The concept was pretty self explanatory: These were ideas I came up with for companies, or publications, or even once a charity, but which for one reason or another I couldn’t (be bothered to) pursue.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea that was pure IFOP. The difference this time is that, thanks to the brilliant Brad Jonas, I can actually make it happen.

So without further explanation, I present the first five ‘Garbage Fire Kids’ trading cards… Read more...

Good time

Kittyhawk played their first ever San Francisco gig, tonight, in our living room.

More Kittyhawk…

Five years ago


Photography by Molly Choma.


Sam’s Club, Calistoga

It’s 114 degrees in the shade and I slept from midnight til 10am. Two recipes for delight. Now Sarah and I are finishing our trip with eggs and coffee at Sam’s where they split the NY Times into individual sections; a kind of news buffet.

Today the Times shares the astonishing news that women’s employment in the US is down from its peak in 2000. This is the only developed country where women’s employment has dropped. By coincidence it’s also the only developed country where paid maternity leave is not a right. Read more...

Learning to escape: Notes from Magic LIVE (Pt II)

Previously: Part One, Desperately seeking escapism

My first foray into entrepreneurship was at age 15 when I began importing magic tricks and other stage props from America to sell, by mail order, in the UK.

At the peak of my garage empire I had maybe a thousand customers, most of whom would send long letters with their cheques (almost always cheques, this being a million years ago), explaining how they planned to use their new props, and sometimes asking my advice on what they should buy next. Read more...

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