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Month: September 2002

We Shall Not Be Motivated

The NUS’s ‘Grants Not Loans’ rally: In the words of Channel 4’s Jon Snow, a “return to the days of political activism” for the nation’s student population. Or was it?

How many of the thousands of students who attended the march really gave a toss about free access to education? Fifty? Sixty? They were easy enough to spot: they were the ones with the megaphones and the ‘NUS Marshall’ t-shirts. And what about the other 15,840 – the ones who were just there for the craic, the chance to be on TV and the vain hope that they might not have to pay back their student loan? They were easy to spot too: they were the ones with the Diesel jeans, Ericsson T39s and nothing better to do. Read more...

Dumb Britain

This week’s ban on British beef by France caused something of a problem for our nation’s red-top tabloids.

The import restrictions, which are in direct breach of a European Court ruling – not to mention the fundamental principles of the common market – were met with predictable outrage from the Sun who fumed that “the French were threatening the EU’s legal credibility”. Zoze nazty froggiez.

But hang on a second. Isn’t this the same Sun who, only last month, questioned the legitimacy of the EC’s ruling on metric measures? The very same Sun who, with the backing of the vast majority of its readers, demanded that Britain should be allowed to make its own laws without Europe poking its nose in? Why, yes it is. Read more...

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