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The Strip Diary, Day Twenty Five: Hey China, President Trump Will See You Next Tuesday

Day Twenty Five: New York, New York ($179)

The Huffington Post has a very strict, and admirable, policy against ad hominem attacks. I know this because a couple of weeks ago I submitted the first draft of a post calling for a boycott of Donald Trump’s Las Vegas hotel and, an hour or so later, I got a phone call politely but firmly explaining that policy.

On that occasion, it was an easy fix — a couple of tweaks so that I was hating the game and not the player. This time around, having sat in a ballroom at the Treasure Island last night, listening to Trump address a group of Nevada-based “Republican Women’s Groups,” my task is way harder. Read more...

The Strip Diary, Day Twenty Four: Going Undercover With Culinary 226

Day Twenty Four: The Mirage ($99)

What do you think about an effigy?”

The union worker’s colleague looks puzzled. “I’m not sure what that is.”

Up until now I’ve been standing quietly, listening to their conversation. But now I can’t help myself: “It’s like a paper-mache model of a person. Generally speaking, they’re burnt. You haven’t really arrived until you’ve been burnt in effigy.”

“Oh, ok. Uh. Let’s talk about that later.”

Yeah, probably best table that discussion until there isn’t a journalist being given a tour of the union hall. Read more...

The Strip Diary, Day Twenty Three: Please Help Me! I’m Going On Television by Mistake

Day Twenty Three: THEhotel at Mandalay Bay ($83.99)

Dearest Readers,

I need your help.

I may be 5,000 miles from London, but even here in Las Vegas, I can’t utter a word in my British accent without somebody mentioning the upcoming Royal Wedding.

“You must be very excited,” said a total stranger in the coffee shop at the Cosmopolitan last Sunday. The poor woman babbled on for a good minute-and-a-half about dresses and abbeys and the Archbishop of Canterbury before I had the first idea what she was talking about. “I expect you’ll be watching it on television?” said someone else who I got chatting with at the gelato place in Vdara. Not wanting to disappoint the enthusiastic colonials, I gave the most British answer I could: “oh yes, jolly excited — and of course I’ll be watching on television. Crikey, toodle pip, cor blimey Mary Poppins… “ all that nonsense. They lapped it up and went away happy. Read more...

The Strip Diary, Day Twenty Two: Las Vegas House Prices Are Now Your Friend

Day Twenty Two: The Mandalay Bay Hotel ($95)

Yesterday, I wrote about Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s plans to regenerate downtown Las Vegas by moving his company’s 1,100 employees to a new campus in Fremont East. One of the side effects of the move, I mentioned, is that many of those employees are now looking to buy houses closer to downtown. And for those buyers, Internet tycoon-turned-Las Vegas housing expert Tom Anderson has some good news: there has never been a better time to buy a home in Vegas. Read more...

The Strip Diary, Day Twenty One: From Sin City to Sim City — Tony Hsieh’s Plan to Rebuild Downtown Vegas

Day Twenty One: Encore at Wynn ($259)

So, how are you going to write sarcastically about all of this?”

Tony Hsieh makes a good rhetorical point. We’re standing in the Downtown Cocktail Room, the epitome of a hipster San Francisco bar: hot young locals lounging on sofas, sipping cocktails with names like ‘Sniff Happens’ and ‘Persephone’s Pomme’; moody lighting; bathroom stalls with two-way mirrors so you can look out as you pee; half of the people in here work for an Internet company. You know the drill. Read more...

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