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Weeks like these

When Hunter Walker from Talking Points memo called me yesterday afternoon in search of NSFWCORP writer Olivia Nuzzi, something felt off. There was something in Walker’s voice as he asked me for comment on claims by Anthony Weiner’s staff that Olivia had only written about her time working for his Weiner’s campaign for her own personal publicity. It sounded almost like glee. But why? “Is there anything specific they’re alleging?” I asked.

“They just had some candid things to say about her,” Walker replied. (I didn’t record the conversation, so I’m likely paraphrasing his exact words.) Read more...

‘Hey Paul, Weiner’s Campaign Just Called Olivia A “Slutbag”‘

Anthony Weiner’s press secretary, Barbara Morgan, just responded to NSFWCORP’s Olivia Nuzzi. Speaking to Talking Points Memo, she called Nuzzi a “slutbag” a “twat” and a “cunt”. I am not making this up. Here are the quotes…

According to Morgan, Nuzzi stopped interning for the campaign “like four weeks ago.” Nuzzi’s story on NSFWCORP described her as having spent “four weeks” as a Weiner intern. When asked whether the claims in Nuzzi’s stories were true, Morgan suggested many of them were “bullshit.” Read more...

Skeeving Las Vegas: Epilogue

An epilogue to the story of Chris Curtis — the pickup artist / author of “MACK Tactics” who has been put in charge of women’s safety in downtown Vegas.

On last night’s show, Dayvid Figler raised an important question: to what extent should someone’s past (in this case, as a proud sexual predator) prevent him from doing good later in life? As one who has written about his own past, as an alcoholic and general fucking dick, I’m certainly a good person to ask. Read more...

Ranger Danger Pt. II: “Time For You To Become That Guy”

“It’s perfect that you’re worried because I soothe women’s worries.” – Chris Curtis

“My hope for the Rangers is that they make people feel incredibly comfortable when they come Downtown.” – Chris Curtis

Yesterday I wrote about retired LV Metro cop Chris Curtis, the pickup artist and “MACK Tactics” author who has – really – been hired to keep women safe in Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. (Disclosure: Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund is an investor in NSFWCORP) Read more...

To Protect And Perv

Regular readers will know that NSFWCORP’s largest investor is the Vegas Tech Fund, part of Tony Hsieh’s plan to revitalize the area around East Fremont Street. We’re thrilled to be here.

Not everyone is bullish on East Fremont, though. Last year, some employees of Hsieh’s dayjob company, Zappos, expressed concern about the safety of downtown after dark. At least one female employee had to fend off a would-be attacker who attempted to get into her car.

Imagine the relief, then, when Hsieh revealed his plan to keep Fremont safe. Based on a similar scheme in Austin, Texas, more than a dozen “Downtown Rangers” dressed in smart uniforms — consisting of body-mounted video cameras and, uh, brown shirts – are paid $12.50 an hour to patrol the streets around East Fremont, even offering to walk women to their cars after dark. Read more...

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